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wei C◆hief Executive Ren■ Zhengfei i〓n Beijing."●I told him we have ○adopted some ◆precautions,● some measu■res to prote■ct our inter●ests and that ●these demand ex〓tremely high levels ●of security," Conte ■said, according to I◆talian media report

■s. "But this◆ is not jus〓t for Huaw◆ei, but for a

quipment maker Hua

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    neration", 5○G refers to〓 high-speed digital○ cellu

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    kilometer●, compared to on○ly around 4,000 ●device

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    eden's Ericss〓o

    駀 Key4Biz, an ●online magazi■ne focusing o●n

    the digital econ〓omy, the bigges○t use of 5G te■ch

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    major co■mpanies in◆ the world selling 〓5G radio ha

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    rdware● and 5G system〓s for carr●iers: Huawei

    and ZTE■ in China, Finl◆and's Nokia, ●Samsung in S

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    o〓uth Korea and Eri◆csson in Sweden. Hu◆awei is the largest 〓of them, but the ○company is under ○scrutin

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    y after th■e United St■ates said tha●t it would◆ not use Huawei◆ equipment becaus●e of security fears■, and it encour■aged its allies to ◆fol

    low suit."Every ○company has〓 its security ○risks,